The build up to the formulation and adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was the most inclusive global development process, an improvement from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Adopted on 25th September 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals also known as agenda2030 aiming at ending poverty, inequality and combating climate while under a theme of leaving no one behind.


As contribution to this, African Union member states adopted the common African position as a strategic roadmap to mobilize members this time beyond 2030 calling it the Agenda2063.


Achieving both agenda require strong partnerships between government and stakeholders including young people to foster dialogue and increase meaningful participation at all levels of decision making process.


According to the United Nations Economic and Social Affairs,216million young people within age 15-24 lived in Africa in 2015, accounting for 19 percent of the global youth population. By 2030, it is projected that the number of youth in Africa will have increased by 42 per cent.


Despite this number, the participation of African youth in socio-political discourse on the continent is limited. The majority of African youth continue to face a myriad of challenges, with the most significant ones being unemployment, underemployment, lack of skills, limited access to quality and relevant education, access to capital, and access to quality health care. Thus, greater proportion of youth do not have the opportunity to fully develop its potential and contribute effectively to the development agenda on the continent.


The African Youth SDGs Summit series thus were started in 2017 to mobilize stakeholders across Africa such as youth groups, CSOs, UN systems, national governments and the private sector to dialogue and exchange ideas and reflect on the way forward to increase investment and participation of young people in development on the continent. The African Youth SDGs Summit envisions a continent which is open to continuous dialogue with its vibrant youthful population to work towards the achievement of common goals.


With the SDGs commitment to “leave no one behind”, the African Youth SDGs Summit will reach marginalized and underrepresented populations such as Persons with Disability (PWDs), slum dwellers, head porters, rural youth etc. The summit will also ensure that issues affecting these groups are integrated into high-level plenary sessions. Scholarships and travel supports will be granted to vulnerable groups to ensure fair representation and participation.


The 2nd edition of the African Youth SDGs Summit will be held in Accra, Ghana from 6 -9 November,2018 at Pentecost Convention Center, Kasoa-Accra and expected to attract 700 delegates from Africa and beyond.


The overarching goal of the summit is to provide a platform for dialogue on youth inclusion and participation in Africa’s social, economic and political systems.


  • Create and maximize space for the participation of young people in the implementation of the SDGs.


  • Identify gaps and opportunities for the participation and reporting on young people in the Voluntary National Reviews (NVRs) on the SDGs at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF).


  • Facilitate dialogue between African Youth, youth organizations, civil society organizations, national governments and policy makers to enhance accountability and good governance.


  • To create a network for youth and other professional participants to share ideas and best practices and also learn from each other


  • To identify and reward individuals and institutions contributing to the overall participation of African youth in the SDGs accountability process.
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