African Youth SDGs Excellence Awards:

The summit will recognize and reward individuals and institutions whose efforts are promoting youth inclusive governance and participation on the continent. All nominees must have demonstrated a significant contribution toward creating a positive and inclusive youth engagement on the SDGs through the implementation of policies, programs and initiatives.


Application shall be opened for nominations of individuals and institutions for the following award categories:


  1. African Youth SDGs Achiever

This award category targets young Africans doing extra ordinary things to promote the SDGs and youth development on the continent. This is the prestigious and highest award.

  1. Outstanding Youth SDGs initiative of the Year

This award goes to the innovative youth SDG project of the year.

  1. Youth Inclusive National Youth Council/Authority of the year

This award goes to national youth council which has demonstrated participatory of young people in their programming.

  1. Youth Inclusive CSO/Organization of the year

This award goes to national or International NGOs with demonstrated commitment to working with/for young people.

  1. Leave no one behind award

This award goes to a youth organization that strives to ensure the participation of marginalized groups in the SDGs accountability process.

  1. African Youth SDGs Female Leadership of the year

This award category targets young women demonstrating strong courage to inspire young people and women in the socio-political participation of the SDGs process.

  1. African Youth Innovator of the year (based on demand and impact)

This initiative goes to organizations/individuals which has utilized the power of technology to drive the SDGs.

  1. Outstanding Youth-oriented Development Partner of the year

This award category targets funding agencies which funding portfolios targets young people and youth organizations.

  1. The Private Sector Institution of the Year

This award goes to businesses supporting youth participation/engagement in the SDGs.


Selected awardees will be invited to the award ceremony at the summit. Awardees are responsible for their own travel (flights) to Ghana. The organizers will cover their accommodation and meals.

To sponsor the awards or any further enquiries, please email the award committee at