The summit will be anchored on the theme “Partnership with Youth to Achieve the SDGs-Moving from Policy to Action”. Goal 17 of the SDGs calls for strong partnerships between government and stakeholders including young people. Youth are owners of the future and should therefore be seen as the most important partners in development. That is what sustainable development is about. We believe that it is only when national governments, civil societies, policy makers, the private sector and the media build mutual relationship with young people that programmes and interventions can reflect the needs and aspirations of young people. We hope that through this summit, we can ignite deeper conversation and inspire practical approaches to move from policy to actions that involve young people to drive the implementation of Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063.


The summit will focus on the following themes in alignment with the SDGs.

  • Young People, Reproductive Health and Sustainable Development, aligned to Goal 3 and 5 of the SDGs.
  • Advancing the SDGs through Inclusive Education, aligned to Goal 4 and 8 of the SDGs.
  • Early and forced Child Marriage and the SDGs, aligned to Goal 5 of SDGs.
  • Smart Cities, Urban Sanitation and Open Defecation, aligned to Goal 6 of the SDGs.
  • Youth Migration aligned to Goal 10 of the SDGs.
  • Climate Change and Smart Agriculture aligned to Goal 13 of the SDGs
  • Youth Responsive, Inclusive and Participatory Governance, aligned to Goal 16 of the SDGs.


  • Gender
  • Persons with Disability (PWDs)
  • Partnerships
  • Means of implementation (Financing)
  • Technology and Innovation


The summit will consist of high-level plenary sessions, alongside break-out interactive segments, peer learning sessions, concurrent and parallel sessions.

The summit will employ four approaches:

  • High-Level Plenaries:

High-level plenaries featuring thought provoking speakers from academia, youth experts, development practitioners, policy makers and civil society organizations on various summit themes.

  • Peer Learning Sessions

Youth organizations and civil society organizations working on youth issues will be invited to host workshops/sessions on the different sub-themes aimed at empowering the youth with practical tools to become change makers and to amplify their voice. The sessions will also provide platform to exchange ideas, best practices and find synergies among different programs and organizations.

Exhibition Booths

Individuals and organizations will have the opportunity to showcase their projects and innovative ideas and interact with delegates and policy makers through the exhibition component.

  • African Youth SDGs Excellence Awards:

The summit will recognize and reward individuals and institutions whose efforts are promoting youth inclusive governance and participation on the continent. All nominees must have demonstrated a significant contribution toward creating a positive and inclusive youth engagement on the SDGs through the implementation of policies, programs and initiatives.

Application shall be opened for nominations of individuals and institutions for the following award categories: