Dr. Mohamed Said Saadi

Mohamed Said Saadi holds a Ph.D from Paris-Dauphine University; a post-graduate degree in Economic Sciences from Hassan II University, Casablanca, and a post-graduate degree in Management from the University of Tunis.

As a former Secretary of State for Social Protection, Family and Children, Dr. Saadi spearheaded and promoted a comprehensive National Plan for the Integration of Women which set the stage for changing the status of women in Morocco.

He taught Economics and Management at the Institut Supérieur de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises (Casablanca), at the faculties of law and economics (Casablanca and Marrakesh), at the Advanced Institute of Management Studies (Casablanca and Marrakesh) and at the Lille I University of Science and Technology.

He was a visiting researcher at two universities in Austin: Princeton and Texas.

Mr. Saadi has written and published extensively on economic and social issues, particularly on the private sector and development, Euro-Mediterranean relations, financial groups, gender and development, the informal sector and local governance.

He served as an expert to the Gender and Development Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

He is very involved with Arab and African civil society groups (Enda Third World, Africa Social Forum, Arab NGOs Network for Development, etc).

He was awarded “le Grand Prix du Livre” of Morocco for his publication titled “Financial Groups in Morocco”.