Elone Natumanya Ainebyoona

Elone is the Coordinator of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs (UPFYA); a youth advocacy platform that brings together over 150 members of Parliament of Uganda with special interest in youth affairs. She previously worked with the Uganda National NGO Forum as a Programme Officer – Citizens Mobilization where she spearheaded key citizen led, pro-democracy and good governance campaigns. Elone holds a Masters’ Degree of Public Administration in International Development from the University of York and is also a 2018 Mandela Washington Fellow. She has over 10 years’ work experience in research, advocacy, policy analysis, citizen mobilization, community development work, activism, communication for development, sub-national civic work coordination and events management. Her work with youth advocacy and engagement has seen her represent key stakeholders in different international engagements like the Commonwealth where she supports the various implementation of the youth programmes including convening the 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum of the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting.

She is very keen on seeing and advancing matters concerned with youth and most especially female youth who need to be inspired and supported to be actively engaged in matters of good governance and democracy. She is very passionate about social justice, democracy and good governance. Elone believes that the African continent can only change if there is effective investment in effective leadership that breeds good governance and democracy in the African continent. “We can only achieve the SDGs effectively, if our leadership is committed to give young people space to showcase the leadership potential in championing development and growth,” Elone states.